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In the spa area, you will enter the oasis of tranquility, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, the gentle aromas and the relaxing music. Our team will take care of you, depending on your needs and desires. You can relax and forget about the busy everyday life, keep an excellent shape, recover after a workout, or recharge.

At V GYM Fitness & SPA, you can enjoy various rituals, therapies and procedures. They are performed with high quality cosmetic products of the German brand Babor, the Italian Comfort Zone, the French leader in Spa products Cinq Mondes and the world leader in aromatherapy Pranarom.

  • Anti-stress massage Open or Close

    This is a relaxing massage that aims to relieve stress. Slow, relaxing and body tension relieving movements are applied. It could be on the surface or deeper, depending on customer preference.

  • Chocolate Massage Open or Close

    For this chocolate temptation at V GYM Fitness & SPA, we use natural cocoa. It has been proven that cocoa is a mood booster and has a soothing effect. Extremely rich in antioxidants. It gives the skin a bronze undertone, smoothness and radiance. Softens and rejuvenates the skin. The cocoa aroma relieves nervous tension. Chocolate massage is a relaxing and enjoyable procedure.

  • Cup massage Open or Close

    Vacuum therapy is an ancient alternative treatment method that has been successfully applied to this day. This massage can be used both for the treatment and prevention of various conditions, as well as in the fight against cellulite. Vacuum is used to increase blood and lymph flows in the treated area, which has a reflective effect on the blood vessels of the internal organs. Improves the skin elasticity and blood supply, smooths it and makes it softer.

  • Fitness massage Open or Close

    Massage primarily aimed at more active and athletic clients. It can be preparatory or restorative. Intensive deep massage techniques and stretching are used in fitness massage. It is usually applied to the area of the body that has been or will be worked on. After physical activity and sport, it aims to soothe and restore the muscles. After the procedure, the body is recharged and ready for the next challenge.

  • Reflexology Massage Open or Close

    This is an alternative method for body relaxation. Feet and palm reflexology is performed by treating the relevant Chinese medicine body points in order to influence their respective organs and systems and achieve the necessary relief. The massage is deep, sometimes painful in problematic points. Usually, no oil is used or it is used in small amounts at the beginning of the massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage Open or Close

    This massage is deep and powerful. Specific slow movements are applied. Its aim is effect at depth by relaxing overworked hardened muscles, improving blood supply and elasticity. It is usually applied to massive muscles, overall stiffness and high stress levels.

  • Head Massage Open or Close

    It treats the hair area of the head. The movements are mainly energetic and include scalp treatment, key points and centres treatment, and hair follicle stimulation. Relieves tension, stress and headaches.

  • Healing Massage Open or Close

    It is an individually selected combination of massage techniques which successfully fights various problems of the locomotor system. It is applied in cases of pain, discomfort, and muscle or joint problems in a certain area of the body. It is suitable for acute or chronic conditions, which will also determine its strength and performance depth.

    Our kinesiotherapists will make sure to relax or tone certain muscles and muscle groups according to the needs of your body.

  • Brazilian Ritual Open or Close

    Say goodbye to the painful anti-cellulite procedures! Enjoy exotic sensuality with our authentic anti-cellulite offer. The Cinq Mondes high-quality cosmetics therapy harmoniously combines quality and aroma. We will complete the warm spirit feel of Brazil with a cup of traditional Warm Embrace tea.

  • Moroccan Ritual Open or Close

    This is a proposal to escape the tedium and to dive in the Oriental mysticism. The ritual is a full body massage performed with argan oil in a special way. After the procedure, you will feel full of energy and ready to take on new challenges. We will complete your sense of Arab exotica with a bouquet of fragrant aromas and a cup of traditional Moroccan tea as a compliment from us.

  • Healing and Rehabilitation Procedure Open or Close

    Depending on your individual needs, our kinesiotherapists will prepare a therapeutic procedure especially for you. That includes a combination of various manual techniques, kinesio taping, physiotherapy devices and functional exercises. The goal of the procedure is to maximize the recovery of various acute or chronic conditions, which are a result of trauma, inflammations, overloads or more severe injuries (ruptures, post-operative conditions, etc.) Depending on how serious the problem is, you will be advised of the treatment duration and the number of visits.

Why choose V Gym?

In V GYM Fitness & SPA, you will find exceptional comfort, high-quality equipment and professional treatment. For your workout session in our gym, you will be able to use the Panatta fitness equipment – famous for its excellent quality and modern design.

You are welcome at our V GYM Fitness & SPA, where every client is special!

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