Everyday life is stressful and requires a high stand of care for health, meaning more people seeking sporting opportunities, relaxation procedures and therapies. SPA, GYM and other related services play an increasingly important role in urban life.
For the management of Geotrading AD, health care is a priority, hence its dedication to investing in offering sport and relaxation related services.
In connection with this, the management of Geotrading AD, jointly with the company’s employees, has developed and documented this SPA & Fitness Quality Policy, which sets out its main objectives, guidelines and obligations to ensure that all products and services are compliant.
This Quality Policy is in compliance with the context of the organisation. As such, it is subject to periodic reviews and updates and is available to all stakeholders.



  • My personal commitment and responsibility for ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are available to apply, maintain and continually improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • To review the quality objectives and assess  the extent to which they have been achieved; and
  • To periodically review the quality policy as to ensure that it remains adequate and appropriate to the organisation.



      THE MANAGEMENT OF GEOTRADING AD has a long-term strategy, mission and vision for the development of the V GYM SPA & FITNESS CENTRE:
The Strategy aims to promote the brand and ensure that it is responsive to changes in the internal and external environment. We aim to achieve competitiveness, ensure responsibility and reliability, and maintain a high standard as regards the products and services delivered to clients.
Our mission is ‘To be a SPA & FITNESS CENTRE which offers bespoke services of a high standard that correspond to our clients’ needs’.
Our vision for the achievement of our mission is to offer clients the opportunity to benefit from an extensive range of SPA therapies, use gym equipment of the highest order, and pursue other recreational and relaxation activities requiring special equipment with the assistance of qualified professionals.
Our business development concept entails continual improvement and a high standard of professionalism in our work as an enabler that ensures the Management of the SPA & FITNESS CENTRE conforms to the highly dynamic requirements of the day.

The Management of Geotrading AD will pursue the following priorities in establishing the quality policy of the SPA & FITNESS CENTRE:

  1. Continual improvement of the quality of available business-related products and services;
  2. Assessment of the risks and opportunities arising from business processes as a prevention measure to ensure sustainable development;
  3. Compliance with applicable requirements both laid down by law as well as those of clients and other stakeholders;
  4. Seeking feedback on a regular basis to ensure both the satisfaction of our customers as well as of all stakeholders;
  5. Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers that add value for both parties;
  6. Ensuring that the necessary resources, in terms of materials, qualified professionals, etc., are available;
  7. Providing competent specialist consultations from professional kinesitherapists, remedial gymnasts, massage professionals and gym instructors.

The main objectives of the Мanagement are to:

  1. Ensure a high standard of management of the SPA and FITNESS CENTRE by continual development of the two lines of business and asserting V GYM as a preferred client brand;
  2. Maintain a positive image and obtain well-deserved references from our clients by continually meeting their requirements for quality, professionalism and protection of their interests;


  In order to achieve its objectives:

  • The Management will implement a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and integrate it into the management system of Geotrading AD;
  • The Management will undertake to notify the requisite requirements to all members of staff at the SPA and Fitness Centre and all other stakeholders in a timely manner;
  • The management takes full responsibility for the continual improvement of the quality management system;
  • The management of Geotrading AD will adhere to the following principles:
  1. Client orientation – a company’s business depends first and foremost on its clients. We therefore strive to perfectly understand our clients’ needs, fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations. We continually communicate with clients through the latest IT channels and provide personal recommendations on site in order to respond to their needs in real time;
  2. The management of risks and opportunities includes identifying, assessing and planning risk mitigation actions and generating opportunities for sustainable business development in the respective area of work;
  3. Leadership – the management is aware, assumes full responsibility and leads by example, thereby contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the quality management system. The management guarantees that all employees are familiar with the Quality POLICY and that they are properly qualified and have the necessary qualifications, experience and knowledge. We further guarantee that employees are familiar with all applicable requirements laid down by law and organisational rules and that they are aware of their contribution to the development and maintenance of the quality management system;
  4. Process and systematic approach – the performance of activities is understood and managed as a system, and not as individual acts. Key and ancillary business processes are viewed as interrelated and integrated into the main system of the company. Strict compliance with statutory and other third-party requirements throughout the process of service delivery is ensured at all times;
  5. Staff motivation – creating a favourable working environment of state-of-the-art equipment, mutual trust and consideration, team work and continually improving staff knowledge and qualifications as a way of enhancing motivation and ensuring a consistently high standard of work;
  6. Relationship with suppliers – maintaining loyal partner relations, adequacy and accuracy as a guarantee for the high quality of available services;
  7. Continual improvement – development based on continual process improvement through regular checks and assessments of the functionality of the quality management system and its improvement on an ongoing basis;
  8. Fact-based decision making – the internal and external communication system, the management of risks and opportunities, Management reviews of the functioning of the quality management system create conditions for efficient decision-making based on available data and information analysis.


      The Management guarantees that the principles and general objectives set out above have been communicated to all company employees and external stakeholders to enhance their understanding of their contribution to business development and ensure that in performing their duties they respect them and do their best.

      The Management undertakes a commitment to maintain an effective quality management system by conducting regular planned assessments and updating it as necessary. It further commits to identifying any and all reasons for nonconformity or failure to respect adopted rules (including reasonably foreseeable instances of nonconformities) and to taking swift corrective action to identify, carry out and track adequate corrective action as well as continuing to work on system improvement and ensuring that all necessary resources are available for properly documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the quality management system.

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