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The Tecar device generates a high frequency current and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. It is suitable for treating cellulite formations, smoothing wrinkles, removing dark circles around the eyes, treating muscle ruptures, etc.



The deep oscillation device generates static vibrations that feel like gentle pulsation in the treated area. It helps spread broken cellulite formations and swellings, has a visible effect on wrinkle smoothing and scar fading, relaxes muscles after training and has an overall soothing and relaxing effect on the body.



The GYMNA device is used for combined electrotherapy. It is a standard physiotherapeutic device that works with ultrasound, an interferential (analgesic) current and electrostimulation. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the muscles, helps the deeper infusion of medical and cosmetic products and greatly enhances their effect, helps treatment of swellings.



Triton is a traction working table. In its application, a particular part of the client’s body is fixed, while traction (e.g. joint traction) is performed on the problem area. The device is used for passive stretching where you can preset the amount of necessary kilograms to pull the respective segments.



The inversion table allows the client to be turned head down hanging only b their ankles. This way, with the help of gravity, full body extension is performed, using the body’s own weight, without additional effort. This helps the spine and the postural muscles relax. The device allows for head-down exercises.

Just a few minutes a day will help you reduce the tension in your shoulders, neck, back and muscles. The inversion table helps reduce stress and increases flexibility.



This is a Comprehensive Analysis and Diagnostics System. It contains 3 components:

- for plantar analysis (of the feet);

- for static and dynamic analysis of the posture and gait;

- for spinal analysis.

The device has built-in sensors to capture each movement and its components, as well as to monitor deviations from normal. This allows our specialists to categorize the problem (whether it is in the muscles, bones or fat deposits) and to analyse the problem area.


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